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Friday Meeting Notes-Updates

Meeting Notes--February 7, 2003

This morning's meeting was rather small and informal.  We discussed what we needed to do the rest of the month.
Due to new rules, both at Good Shepherd and Harmony Grove, we will be holding Friday meetings and some activities at Harmony Grove again. CO-OPs are still at GOOD SHEPHERD. 
We will be doing testing in May, we need to know what the majority of you want, ITBS or Stanford, so we can set this up, we will be doing it as inexpensive as possible I need to know the ages and type of test you prefer ASAP to set this up.
Of course Feb. events have been posted but here is what was discussed for the rest of the year:
Mar. 4 - Last day of co-ops  (Two week break till next quarter)
Mar. 7 - Ruth Martin to speak on history of homeschooling and legal issues - However if I can't get a better turn out for the meeting I hate to confirm this with her.
Mar. 21 & 22 -8-noon - Group Yard Sale - Janet is checking on location, we are looking at either Ingles or the covered area in downtown Auburn, Burell Park?  We could possibly incorporate a Car Wash for the Relay for Life team or Bake Sale.
Mar. 25- May 20 Co-ops resume Spring Quarter
April 4 - Since I did testing today we need a new topic_________________.
April 18th - This is Good Friday, several good field trips were discussed but will people sign up and attend.  We have found that attendance and participation decreases Mar. and April for field trips and activities.
(FYI- Passover is April 16-24)
May 2 - Evaluation of the year/ Pre-planning for next year.
Tentative Co-op Schedule for next quarter:  We may still need classes for younger children!  We also need to hear from teachers that were not there that usually hold classes to add your classes.
12:30 - 1:30 - Spanish I, Spanish 2
Art (K-3) and possibly Sign Language (we have to check)
1:30-2:30 Art 4th up  
     Dinosaurs - (k-5) Sandra
     Preschool story hour
2:30 - 3:30 Soccer Camp - k-5
     Challenger Mission Class - 10 up Pre-registration $
     Basic Sewing Class - Older children
     Preschool Centers
3:30 - 4:30  PE
     Recorder (older children)
     Physics with toys - Older children Erica
Due to the new rules there will be no lunch.  We do need volunteers for Adult classes, hall monitors, outdoor monitors, etc.  Many of these classes are free so far.  Let us know how you can help. 
Some classes already on the books for next year are - US Govt, Pre-Algebra, Eygpt, Renaissance History
Also Tammy still has several field trip offers out there, and we need more box tops and Campbells Labels!!
T-shirts are in I will have them at co-ops on Tues. If you have not paid please bring payment.

Be sure to check back for notes from the next meeting:  Friday, Feb 21 2003